Online shopping is not going anywhere. If you are a business owner, then making a profit in an e-commerce store is quite essential for you. Staying competitive in the online platform is very different from a physical store; hence you will require unique items, competitive pricing, or master the new trends for 2108 for you to win. Here are the top trends which every entrepreneur needs to know to make a win in 2018.

Mobile shopping continues to expand

I bet this won’t come as a surprise to a lot of people, the importance of identifying mobile compatibility is now a necessity for the success of e-commerce. Of the total, 3.5 billion people who use the internet in the whole world 2.5 billion are mobile users. A report conducted in the US showed that United States consumers spend 3.1 hours every day on their mobile phones, although youngsters might be using more time than the average on mobile phones.

Customers want numerous payment methods

As online selling continues to become an international affair, it is crucial for all the brands to provide multiple payment options to cater to different consumers. A great way of providing numerous payment options is by using Klarna. Klarna is a method option that allows your customer to choose the payment option which they deem best.

Fast and free shipping

We cannot deny how Amazon has made a significant impact on the e-commerce industry. And its prime feature of free shipping is causing a mixture of feeling to most entrepreneurs. It has made the two shipping ideal for a lot of people. For most companies keeping up with this trend can be daunting and expensive. Shopify has already partnered with UPS to provide shipping in competitive rates and advanced American deliveries.

Personalization is no longer an option

Each person wants to feel like they are being listened to, and when you are requesting clients to use their money on your products listening to them will only work in your favor. Introducing personalization tools in your Shopify store will allow you to find items which customers are looking for and give you the chance to show them immediately, instead of them using a lot of time rummaging through your inventory to find it. It’s almost the same as going to an organized luxurious store or a disorganized warehouse, where would you want to go?


All of the above trends are important in your Shopify store, but you still have to watch out for the trends which might pop up later. You want to offer a perfect service which will make your customers come back over and over again.