Shopify plus is an e-commerce platform which caters for large and growing online brands and stores. It is a hosted solution, staffed, customized, and priced for the large brands. If you are operating a large online business or a store, there are numerous benefits which you will have with using Shopify plus. Let’s look at some of them.

Maintenance and development costs

Managing an enterprise e-commerce business can be daunting and expensive when it comes to resources and time. However, if your primary focus is not web development, then the most expensive cost will be the opportunity cost. The benefit of using Shopify plus is that it eliminates that opportunity cost. Shopify plus take care of all the maintenance and development costs for order management, bandwidth, feature implementation, and file storage.

Predictable pricing

Shopify plus has an advantage when it comes to predictable pricing. The pricing plans of Shopify plus starts at 2000$ every month but the price can increase depending on the needs of the client. The pricing will remain constant from the day that you will sign up. 2000$ is quite a lot of money to be budget for, but for most entrepreneurs the pricing makes sense. The pricing is very compared to when you have to pay for hosting, fees and web developer retainer.

Account management and technical support

Shopify has predictable support. With Shopify plus and other big e-commerce platforms you will be given an account manager who will assist you in managing your Shopify account. Also, you will have full access to the specialized development team who work on one interface as compared to a lot of web development companies who use different platforms, clients and languages.

Agile marketing implementation

Agile marketing can be referred to as the process of executing and gathering information efficiently and quickly. This is the method that big companies use to conduct their marketing. For any business to have success in agile marketing, it needs to have the right set of tools. With Shopify plus you will get all the tools, you need for agile marketing. Shopify is built having marketers in mind, and it has all the required tools which marketers look for.

Integration, APIs and Extensions

There is no platform which can have all the tools built in. Nevertheless, a platform can have friendly add-ons and be extensible. Shopify has numerous built-in integrations, robust API and also an app store ecosystem with various vetted extensions that you can choose from


There are multiple advantages which you will get with Shopify plus. You will have numerous vetted extensions to select from, better tools for digital marketing, predictable pricing, low maintenance, and development cost and also account management and technical support.