Any growth comes with growing pains, and the growth of an online store is not exempted either. As the business continues to expand, you will find that it will be stretched in numerous ways. When the growing pains of business become too much, then that is the time you should start planning for a switch. If your online store is undergoing certain growth pains, then is high time you upgraded it to Shopify plus. Here are reasons why you should consider using Shopify plus.

Unlimited sales, products, and bandwidths

You can list numerous products with Shopify plus without the fear of overworking your platform. Unlimited bandwidth lets you use vast influxes, and you will also have ample storage space.

Priority customer support

All customers who use Shopify have 24/7 email and phone support, but Shopify plus clients get extra excellent service, they get VIP, first class customer service. As a Shopify plus customer, you will have a priority phone number and email address which you can use to reach the customer support so that your needs may be addressed quickly. You will also be offered a merchant success manager who will be your private business representative.

Elegant themes

Shopify themes are among the best which you will find out there. Shopify theme store has more than 100 responsive themes which you can use. 26 of these themes are free, and the rest are paid for. Since the majority of online sales are made via mobile phones, it would be best if your store would look appealing from anywhere.

Shopify payments

Shopify plus has multiple payment getaways. With the availability of numerous payment options chances are that you won’t need to shift payment solutions one you start using Shopify plus. Shopify also uses its personal Shopify payment. If you decide to use it, you will benefit from reduced card and credit rate.


All the Shopify stores have a free SSL certificate on each page of your website not just in checkout. Encryption is good for security reasons, and it can also be good for SEO.


Shopify plus has lots of things to offer its customers. There is one thing which you should remember with Shopify, even though it is easy to use there are some various features which you won’t find with Shopify which you might want for your business, but you can add them with an application.

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